The creator of Big Daddy's Cocktail Mixers and former bar owner, James Miller has been a bartender for over 30 years. James has found that getting great tasting cocktails on a consistent basis is nearly impossible at a bar; and even more difficult at home. This led James to formulate his own recipes, which he made at each establishment he worked, and you can now enjoy in the comfort of your home.

The Big Daddy’s line up started with our Bloody Mary Mix. Just the right amount of spice and you can use it; not only for cocktails, explore the culinary uses on our recipes page . The Margarita Mix was launched in 2016 and was created with real infused juices including lime, lemon and orange juice. A non-alcoholic orange liqueur was added to give it that "Cadillac Style" taste without the acidic heartburn that most other margarita mixes will give. We are very proud to announce the addition of a "KetoRita" sugar free, low carb version of our Margarita Mix. Same great taste, same natural juices but sweetened with STEVIA.

James takes pride in his great tasting cocktail mixers and he hopes you will use his mixes to “Be the Mixologist”.

Cheers & Enjoy!